IV. gimnazija “Marko Marulić” is a mainstream high school. Our school has a name of a famous Croatian writer Marko Marulic. It’s situated in the center of our town Split, on the beautiful Croatian seaside. It has 750 pupils aged between 14 and 18, and employs 56 teachers. It is one of the best grammar schools in the County and the country because of the results reached in its work with students. Because of its image, students coming from elementary school need to have a very high score for enrollment. The school curriculum provides a very wide education and overall culture, but not routes into professions so students must continue their studies at a higher level elsewhere, in colleges and universities. Our students come from a broad mixture of social, family and educational backgrounds. The school building is very old, in the Strauss-Hungarian style, but mostly has all the necessary facilities. It has a long education tradition, more then 100 years. Our teachers are active in organizing many school activities, such as civic education (co-operation with local and regional authorities, youth activism in the community, volunteers helping various community groups and individuals); the school choir which holds concerts in the community and is the best in the country for years; the school sports club achieves great results and our students have gained many awards at school, regional, national and international contests on their knowledge of various subjects. We’ve been also recognized in the field of literature, arts, foreign languages and civic education. Our school has a psychologist and a pedagogue, who also work as counselors.

Our school also has a social policy and takes care about students with special needs.