During 14th to 18th March 2022, IPSEOA Federico di Svevia, Termoli, Italy, designed and implemented, as host organization, the third mobility with groups of students (LTTA) in frame of the ongoing Erasmus+ project “Google Tools and Mobile Apps”. During this mobility, the school welcomed and hosted in Termoli a mixed group of teachers and pupils from Italy, Greece, Turkey and Latvia. Croatia was participating online. Due to pandemic measures all the partners accommodated in hotels. They all were dedicated hosts during the official part of the program activities. The same students also participated in the preparation of program activities of Italian mobility and in fulfilling project tasks agreed before the mobility itself.

14 March 2022

On Monday, 14th March, the visiting groups were welcomed by the Italian headteacher and all the Italian teachers and students involved in the activities in the meeting room with a short involving dancing moment performed by some of students. Then, an ice-breaking activity followed and after that we continued with personal, country, school and team presentations. Croatian team participated online in all activities. After the coffee break the participating teams had a short tour inside and outside the venues of our school. Then, there was the lunch at the restaurant of the school and in the early afternoon the first workshop took place. It dealt with the creation of a leaflet with students personal, country, school information on CANVA. After the workshop the Erasmus group went sightseeing the old part of the town guided by Italian students and teachers.

15 March 2022

On Tuesday, 15th March, the groups took a cultural trip to Larino, in the morning and to Ururi in the afternoon. In Larino, we had a guided tour to the most interesting historical places like Palazzo Ducale, an historical old Roman museum, the Cathedral and the amphiteatre with its famous Villa. In Ururi, the delegations have been welcomed by the Mayor and the most local representative authorities of the town in the Town Hall. After that, they took the groups to visit Palazzo Greco, with its old library and the local Church, where a monk greeted the groups introducing the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the main facts related to the religious tradition of the town that has Albanian origin.

The Mayor took the groups to the Caffe Letterario where all the hosts consumed their pocket lunch prepared by our school. Then, in the early afternoon we went to visit Orto d’Autore, which is a small industry in Ururi that produces spicy jams, marmelades and pickles all from local farms. The tour was a great opportunity to get to know interesting local culturaldestinations and to see and discuss cultural influences through the history and intertwining of our cultures through various areas, on the same spot.

16 March 2022

On Wednesday, 16th March, we had a full day of workshop activities at school. In the morning there was the second workshop. It started with the introduction to CYBERBULLISM topic by Latvian group followed by the creation of a game on QUIZZEZ and after that there was the presentation of the works by groups. After the coffee break followed an interactive activity based on Italian language words and dances. The lunch was held at school and in the early afternoon there was the third workshop. The Turkish group introduced the SAFETY ONLINE topic to all groups and a creation of a collection of tips on QR CODE GENERATOR was done. At the end the groups of students introduced their work. Croatian team presented their work online.

17 March 2022

On Thursday, 17th March, there was a tour in Alto Molise, to visit the mountainous area of our region. In the morning the groups visited the town of Isernia and the paleolithic museum which is the most famous one in Europe in his sector and in the afternoon they visited the town of Agnone which is famous for its Bell Foundry that creates bells for the Vatican too. After that they visited the beauty of the town Hall with its magnificent old room.

18 March 2022

On Friday, 18th March in the morning the last two workshops were held. The fourth workshop was the introduction to DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP topic and was held by the Greek group. It was followed by the creation of interactive images on THINGLINK and then there was the presentation of the works by groups . After the coffee break the last workshop was held by the Italian group which introduced THE USE OF DIGITAL AT SCHOOL topic. It was followed by the creation of a game on LEARNINGAPPS and the presentation of the works by groups.

While the students were performing their activities, some teachers have pleased to take part in job shadowing activities with the related teachers in the classes. It was a great opportunity for teachers too to see the similarity and differences in teaching approaches and programs. We had lunch at school and after lunch we greeted the Latvian group giving them the Certificates of Participation as they left Termoli in the afternoon. In the evening we had a huge Gala Dinner at the Restaurant of the school to say each others goodbye. At the end of the Gala, after a relaxing moment of songs and dances, we gave the Certificates of Participation to all the groups, we exchanged gifts and presents, too.

19 March 2022

On Saturday morning, 19th March, the visiting groups departed consecutively for their home countries where they safely arrived

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