IV. gimnazija Marko Marulić participated in the Erasmus + project “Google Tools and Mobile Apps” together with partners from Greece, Turkey, Italy and Latvia. After Italian mobility next one was mobility to Latvia. Further down, you can find out how we spent our time, what we learned and accomplished in our time together.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

We started our adventure at the Split airport where we met at 13:00, exactly 2 hours before our flight to Vienna. After (finally) saying goodbye to our loved ones, we headed to the plane, which for us, thankfully, was nothing new. Shortly after arriving in Vienna, we received sad news about the delay of our flight to Riga. For reasons unknown to us, we waited an hour and a half longer for the flight, resulting in a total wait of 4 hours. When we boarded the plane around 19:30, we could hardly wait to arrive in Latvia where our colleagues from other countries were waiting for us on the bus. While we were sleepy we got to know each other and set off on a three-hour trip to Liepaja, the host city. We arrived at the hotel around 2:00 in the morning and immediately fell asleep.

Monday, April 11, 2022

On Monday, we were not woken up by an alarm, nor by the professors, but by the Latvian Navy Orchestra. Exactly at 10:00 they marched through the streets of Liepaja and under the windows of our hotel. After breakfast we met up with the hosts with whom we took public city transport to their school. There we did the so-called “Ice-breaking” activities to get to know everyone better. Later we had the opportunity to see and dance their traditional dance. We had lunch in their school canteen where we were served by their students / chefs. The final activity of the first day was a workshop on the topic of fake news and our daily encounter with various forms of media.

Matej Maroš

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The second day of the Erasmus + program, we started by going to school in the morning. We first presented our school and the city of Split through a presentation, introduced them to the advantages and interesting things, and then we got to know the schools and cities of other students. After the presentations we went on a tour of the school “Liepājas vlasts tehnikums”. We had the opportunity to see different school parts and classrooms for different directions, part for fashion design, part for car mechanics, for developers, etc. Then we had lunch at school after which we had the last workshop. We made maps on the topic of “fake accounts” and got acquainted with the lies we see every day on the Internet. We have become aware of how dangerous the internet can be and how easy it is to deceive people, especially us children who are still inexperienced. We researched ways to find out if someone’s profile (on Instagram / Facebook) is fake. In the afternoon we had free time which we took advantage of by touring the city. We ended the day with dinner together.

Lana Milanović – Litre

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The third day in Liepaja was reserved for sightseeing. The hosts were waiting for us in front of the hotel and so our tour began. Walking through the city center, the hosts told us many interesting things about the city, and we could see many monuments offered by Liepaja. After taking photos in front of one of the monuments, we headed to the museum. The museum enchanted us all with its authenticity and beauty. The museum was decorated to look like a standard house in Liepaja from the 19th century. It is full of numerous artefacts and old objects, about which our guide, with whom we visited the entire museum, told us something. After the tour, we continued our journey towards the Church of the Holy Trinity. It is interesting that this church contains the largest mechanical organ in the world, and after the introductory concert that was played on this organ, we went to climb the church bell tower. The bell tower is 55 meters high and the view from the top is truly indescribable. After such an interesting morning, we headed to the You + association. There we were greeted by the founder of the organization who gave us an introductory presentation and explained what are the goals of the organization, and then gave us tasks that we had to solve in groups. Now it’s time for lunch we ate at a local restaurant. After lunch we headed to the beach where we took photos with the Liepaja monument. That’s how our program for this day ended. As everyone was already tired and exhausted, we decided to head to the hotel.

Duje Bužančić

Thursday, April 14, 2022

We spent the morning at school again. We were divided into groups and each group was given two sights of Lijepaja about which we had to make a presentation and present it in front of others. In this way, we all practiced public speaking together and learned what it takes to make, but also to present a presentation. After that we had lunch in the school canteen, went for a walk around the city and visited Swan Lake, a lake with a small island in the middle to which a bridge leads. Legend has it that one should make a wish when crossing that bridge, which of course we all did. Walking through the city we saw numerous bronze sculptures of the most important characters of the city anthem with the text of the same. We ended the day with the last joint dinner where we exchanged impressions and handed out certificates of participation in mobility.

Lara Mijić

Friday, April 15, 2022

On Friday, the penultimate morning before leaving for Riga, we went on a tour of Liepaja. After breakfast, we headed to the bus and started sightseeing. As we listened carefully to what the guide has been talking about, we observed the landscape and enjoyed the view of the surroundings. We were surprised by the weather that greeted us. The weather and temperature were very unexpected for us “from the Mediterranean”. Accustomed to a warmer climate, we had the opportunity to feel the cold in the spring. We visited the port of Karosta, the military port actually. Liepaja is also a military city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and is also the third largest port in Latvia. After that we have visited the naval cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Russian Orthodox Church. In it we could see a different look of the cathedral church, there weren’t the usual chairs or a lot of people. It was opened in 1903 and in order to respect their tradition, we wore scarves on our heads. We spent a few minutes listening to spiritual music and admiring the architecture inside the church. After that we went to do an Easter workshop. With the appropriate greeting of the women, we also danced their traditional dance. We had a good laugh, I have to admit. After that, they introduced us to their culture and customs. We played the traditional “egg beating.” We were given the opportunity to decorate them with various ornaments such as mint, various herbs and onion peel. We played an interesting game and “rolled” eggs on the floor. We thanked them for their pleasant hospitality and went to lunch. With a pleasant atmosphere, we had lunch and exchanged impressions from the workshop. We were pleased with the overall outcome and the culture we had the opportunity to get to know. After lunch we said goodbye to our colleagues and left Liepaja. We took a bus to Riga and after a long drive arrived in the city. We started looking at everything the horizon could offer us. Impressed by the architecture, we managed to watch the sunset on the bridge. After dinner we returned to the hotel and finished this day full of impressions.

Ana Živaljić

Saturday, April 16, 2022

We started the last day of the Erasmus + project with breakfast at a hotel in the center of Riga, the capital of Latvia. We continued the day by sightseeing the city and buying souvenirs for our loved ones. We saw the Vanša wire bridge, the monument to the Latvian riflemen, the Black Cat House and many others. After returning to the hotel and packing our luggage, we ran to the airport and by plane to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt we boarded another plane for Split. After a long journey, tired but satisfied, we came to our homes with the knowledge that we had made many new friends from various countries, but also strengthened our mutual friendships.

Zara Mužinić


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